Document Library

ABFAS encourages prospective candidates to familiarize themselves with the relevant documents before they begin the online application process.  Our documents contain the specific requirements and step-by-step instructions to apply for an examination. 

We revise the documents annually and publish new editions in October. Candidates may use only the ABFAS document specific to the year that they are taking the examination.

Board Qualification Document

Information and Requirements for Part 1 Board Qualification

Board Certification Document

Information and Requirements for Board Certification

ABFAS Document 111

Information and Requirements for Diplomate Maintenance of Certification (Self-assessment). Relevant for ABFAS members certified in Foot and Ankle and Those Seeking Conversion

ABFAS Document 112

Information and Requirements: Diplomate Maintenance of Certification (Recertification)

ABFAS Document 500

Examination Content for Board Qualified, Certification, In-training, Recertification, and SAE Examinations

ABFAS Document 600

Ending Access to Board Certification by Candidates without Council on Podiatric Medical Education (CPME)-approved Three-year Residency.

Qualification-Certification Chart by Residency Type

ABFAS Advertising Policies

ADA Special Accommodations Form-New Requests

ADA Special Accommodations Form-Subsequent Requests


Online Study Guide 

Practice Exams and Study Guide

ABFAS does not endorse any commercially available study programs. if you choose to use one, please ensure that its exam formats match those that ABFAS currently uses.

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