Application Fee
Application Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE). Paid once per calendar year, regardless of number of exams. $225.00
Written Examinations Fee
Part I Foot Surgery $425.00
Part I RRA Surgery $425.00
Computer Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) - Foot $425.00
Computer Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) - RRA $425.00
Recertification-Foot Surgery $675.00
Recertification-RRA Surgery $675.00
Self-Assessment $675.00
In-training (paid by institution) $200.00
Part II Examinations Fee
Foot Surgery CBPS Exam $425.00
Foot Surgery Case Review $475.00
RRA Surgery CBPS Exam $425.00
RRA Surgery Case Review $475.00
Late Withdrawals from Examinations Fee
Foot Surgery-Part 1 or Part II $150.00
Foot Surgery-Both Part I and Part II $250.00
RRA Surgery-Part I or Part II $150.00
RRA Surgery-Both Part I and Part II $250.00
Computer Based Patient Simulation (CBPS) $150.00
Recertification-Foot Surgery or RRA Surgery $100.00
Self-Assessment $100.00
Annual Fees Fee
Board Qualified $205.00
Board Certified $350.00
Suspension Fee (after October 15) $50.00
Special Fees Fee
Reinstatement Fee-Board Qualified $100.00
Reinstatement Fee-Board Certified $200.00
Self-Assessment Noncompliance Fee $500.00
Reestablish Certification $1,000.00