• Can I pay my annual fee by credit card over the phone?

    We encourage you to pay online. Sign in to your profile page to make your payment and please also verify your contact information. 

    If you are unable to pay online, please call 415-553-7800.
  • What is the difference between Board Qualified and Board Certified?

    Board Qualified status indicates that a podiatric surgeon has passed the Part I examination(s) for certification in Foot Surgery or Reconstructive Rearfoot/Ankle Surgery. Individuals who are Board Qualified are not members of the ABFAS but are “in progress.”

    Board Certified status indicates that the individual has passed Part II examination, holds hospital privileges, and has an active license. Individuals with Board Certified status are members of ABFAS. 
  • Can I pay only the application fee when I apply?

    No. You must pay both the application fee and the examination fee when you apply. Fees are listed here.
  • I took the Board Qualified (or Board Certified) examination last year but did not pass. How do I reapply for the examination?

    Simply sign in to your profile page and select "Register for an Exam" in the left column.
  • Where are the testing sites?

    ABFAS contracts with Pearson VUE to administer examinations. We offer 200 testing sites nationwide as well as internationally.
  • What are the testing sites like?

    All Pearson VUE test centers, regardless of type, are designed to provide a consistent, standardized testing experience in a quiet, distraction-free environment. 
  • What is Computer-based Patient Simulation (CBPS) testing?

    The purpose of the CBPS format is to evaluate candidates’ clinical reasoning skills, a type of testing called performance-based testing. The CBPS examines content knowledge and candidates’ ability to solve problems and make clinically relevant decisions. During the CBPS, candidates collect and analyze patient information and apply what they have learned, thus demonstrating their abilities to examine a patient (physical examination) and formulate a treatment plan.

    Candidates complete the CBPS by taking into account the relevant aspects of case management (patient history, physical examination, imaging, laboratory tests, diagnostic procedures, diagnosis, and treatment, and, in some cases, follow-up diagnoses and treatments). While collecting patient information, candidates must balance thoroughness with efficiency, as well as quality versus quantity. Because the CBPS is a timed examination, candidates need to pace themselves and not take too much time on any one point or decision. Field-testing has demonstrated that users who have practiced the CBPS have ample time to complete each case. While collecting information regarding the simulated case, candidates should remember that relevancy is paramount to successful resolution of a clinical problem. For example, if candidates are hesitant about whether a procedure is warranted, their decisions should be based on clinical indications. CBPS scoring is based on the relevancy of the processes or actions performed.
  • What is the difference between the Self-assessment Examination and the Recertification Examination?

    If certified before 1991, there is no need to recertify , but it is necessary to take the self-assessment exam every 10 years to maintain board certification. For detailed information, see ABFAS Document 111.
  • I certified after 1990. How often do I recertify?

    Every 10 years. To provide adequate opportunity to recertify before your certification expires, you have a three-year window in which to pass the certification examination. You may take the examination in the eighth, ninth, or 10th year following your initial certification and similarly every 10 years. For information about applying for recertification, see ABFAS 112-2018 Maintenance of Certification Program for Time-Limited Certificates 

    In 2017 there will be additional requirements. Read more about Maintenance of Certification here.
  • If I certified before 1990. What do I have to do to maintain certification?

    Complete a self-assessment exam every 10 years.

    In 2017, ABFAS added additional Maintenance of Certification requirements that we encourage those who certified before 1990 to participate in.

    Read more about the Maintenance of Certification (SAE) here.
  • When can I expect my exam results?

    Pass or fail results are posted online in your personal profile, six to eight weeks after the last exam date in a category.
  • How do I order a certificate?

    Please note that you must be certified to order a certificate.

    Certificate order forms are available online by signing on to your personal profile page and selecting "ABFAS certificate order form" in the left column.

  • How do I get a verification of certification for myself or a doctor I work for?

    Call ABFAS for assistance with verifications: 415-553-3084.
  • Where do my application and exam fees go?

    Application fees support ABFAS administrative costs. Exam fees cover the costs associated with administrating exams.
  • Are ABFAS fees used for lobbying?

    No. Fees are applied to administrative costs only.
  • How do I document cases/surgeries if I am an attending surgeon at a residency program
    and I have the residents' names on the records?

    Documentation needs to support that:

    1. You are the primary treating provider on the preoperative assessment note/or H&P note and that you were actively involved in the surgical decision making for the patient,

    2. You are listed as the primary surgeon on the op report and on the anesthesia record.

    3. There is sufficient documentation to support that you were actively involved in the care of the patient post-operatively.

  • I finished residency before 2014. Do I need to restart logging my cases in PLS, if I am in my second window of board qualification/certification process or do the cases I logged during my first window of board qualification/certification process still count for Case Evaluation process? Do my 65 foot cases carry over?

    Your cases carry over but you need to continue logging your cases in PLS until you are are board certified.
  • As of 2016, what are the changes within the board certification process?

    Each year, there are minor changes to the
    examination process.

    1. It is important that you read the applicable  Board Qualification document or Board Certification document for the specific year you are taking your examination.

    2. One of the changes is the development of a
    new process for evaluation of patient outcomes via a rigorous case analysis.

    3. ABFAS no longer offers an oral examination.

    4. In addition to case analysis, candidates for
    board certification also must pass a Computer Based Patient Stimulation (CBPS) examination.
  • What does case analysis mean?

    As part of the Part II process, ABFAS will randomly select 13 foot surgery cases and/or up to 3 reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery cases from the candidate’s PLS logs. Detailed instructions on how to submit case materials to ABFAS can be found in Document 220.
  • What happens if I don’t have all of the materials or radiographs needed for a selected case?

    You need to submit all the materials that you
    have and the case will be scored accordingly. 
    You can still earn credit for the indications and management portions of the evaluation.  
  • Can I substitute a different case for one that has missing materials?

    No. Submit whatever you may have for evaluation
    and the case will be evaluated on the materials present.
  • What if I logged a procedure incorrectly and that case is chosen for review?

    It’s important to log your cases correctly since the computer-based template used to review and score your case is associated by how it was logged on PLS.  
  • How do I log cases?

    Every candidate must log their surgical cases on an electronic database called the Podiatric Logging Service for Surgery (PLS).
  • How do I retrieve a lost password?

    You can retrieve your username and password by following the instructions on the ABFAS sign in page. If you are unable to secure the information from the website, call ABFAS at 415-553-7800.
  • When should I expect to receive my annual fee invoice?

    Between July 15 and July 31.
    The fee for board qualified is $205.
    The fee for board certified is $350.
  • I have a disability and need special accommodations when taking my exam(s). What do I need to do?

    First, read the instructions for completing the Request for Accommodations, then fill out the form and return to ABFAS for approval. You must apply for special accommodations at least 60 days prior to your exam.
    You'll find the instructions and the form here.
  • How do I prepare for an examination?

    Review textbooks and recent journals. Additionally, our practice test will provide a sense of the types of questions that appear on the examinations. 

    Review courses are available online; however, ABFAS does not endorse or recommend any course.
  • What is computer-adaptive testing?

    A computer-adaptive test is a computer-based examination that automatically tailors to the ability level of the individual examinee. As you answer each question, the computer assesses the response and selects the next question based on whether your previous answer was correct or incorrect. 
  • If I purposely miss answers, will my exam be easier?

    Answering questions incorrectly will result in an easier examination. However, since the examination is graded on difficulty, not percentage of correct answers, purposely answering questions incorrectly will result in a lower score. To pass the examination, you must answer every question to the best of your ability.
  • How do I apply for an examination?

    To apply, sign in to your profile page using your ABFAS user name and password.

    If you have forgotten your username and/or password, just click on the sign in link and follow the instructions to retrieve them
  • When can I apply for an examination?

    Go to the Dates and Fees section of the website to find the list of examination dates. Review appropriate ABFAS documents for eligibility requirements.
  • How do I reschedule an exam?

    Sign in to your profile page and select the Pearson VUE link. From the Pearson VUE page, select the exam you want to reschedule, then select "Reschedule."
  • How do I cancel an exam?

    To cancel an exam, you must call the ABFAS examinations department: 415-553-3146.